RAWspace Studios specialises in three areas to make your vision a reality.



Conceptualization and Design

Our design experience is diverse.  We
develop and refine your concept until you're ready to share it with the world.

Sourcing and Procurement

You have a global team ready to source a wide range of materials and products, from unique textiles to organic coffee beans.



Production and Development

We navigate every step of the production process to move your ideas from drawing board to finished product.  

Authenticity.   We foster direct and honest relationships.

Communication.  RAWspace is built on straightforward and effective interaction with our clients.

Passion.  Knowing how rewarding it is to make ideas come to life makes us passionate about your success.  


RAWspace Studios has over 20 years combined experience to guide you in designing and developing your own products.  Located in strategic areas around the globe allows us to execute your vision cost effectively and efficiently.


Our Clients


Our clients range from fresh start-ups to established corporations.  Whether you're a creative, an entrepreneur, an arts institution or a social business.  We're ready to move your ideas from the drawing board out into the world.